Friday, June 10, 2011

BigCartel, Folksy, Etsy and Dawanda Shops need Alternatives Too!

For all you artsy folk, crafters and the like. I'm sure you've been making due with the niched solutions BigCartel, Etsy, Folksy and the like bring. They open you up to a great audience, but they don't give you that level of customization, brand presence and flexibility that other products can bring you.

Sell Online with Hosted Commerce Solutions

The aforementioned products do their job, and I'm sure they do it well. You pay the fees, you upload the product info and they give you exposure. But why not add to that? Why not have a store created soley for you where you can have tons of products (with no fee per product like Etsy and others have). It's a great addition to your arsenal for selling your product online.

Coming from Etsy and the like, I can see most of you would prefer a nice clean, easy to use interface, so I would highly recommend you give Shopify or Highwire a spin around the block. You can create a store for free and see if you'll like it. You may even replace your current solution completely.

Once you've tried it out, let me know what you think and how these solutions have helped you expand your selling artillary.

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